The PE Festival in Cambodia is an event which celebrates Physical Education. Please create your own PE festival according to each situation.

What is PE Festival?

What is PE Festival? … The PE Festival in Cambodia is an event which celebrates Physical Education.
   In the current curriculum of primary school, schools have 2 hours of the PE class per week (70 hours per year). Students learn attitude, knowledge, skill and cooperation through 6 sub-subjects: Rhythm Exercise, Athletics, Gymnastics, Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball. In addition to this curriculum, Physical Fitness Test is included. At lower secondary schools, each school also provides 2 hours of PE class per week and students learn 4 objectives through 7 content areas: Physical Fitness, Rhythm Exercise, Traditional Sports, Athletics, Gymnastics, Swimming and Ball Games. An additional 20 sub-subjects include: Recreation, Physical Fitness Test, Khmer Exercise, Aerobics, Creative Dance, Labok Kator, Petanque, Running, Jumping, Throwing, Mat Exercise, Iron Bar Exercise, Balance Beam Exercise, Water Instruction, Strokes, Breaststrokes, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball and Table Tennis.
   Once a year, students can perform their learnings from the PE classes by hosting PE Festival. All activities outlined above including sub-subjects are highlighted. Parents and community can acquire a firm understanding of the activities and participate in the recreation events along with students and teachers.
   Thereby, students, parents, community and schools can enjoy the experience of the Physical Education programs and sport culture in Cambodia.

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